Monday, February 25, 2013

Tether Drivers for Windows ( adb drivers ) for Android Devices

Tether Drivers for Windows

ADB refers to Android Debugging Bridge.

If you connect your Android mobile device with your PC/Laptop having Windows XP/Vista/7/8 then it may require adb (Android Debugging Bridge) drivers for  connectivity or USB Tethering so that u can  have internet access.

Usually the adb drivers come with the "pc suit" provided by the device vendor/manufacturer.
But some vendors dont provide any PC Suite or any driver related to their products. In that case it becomes very difficult to attach your android device with your PC/Lap. Even if you download the PC Suit, it  usually has a large file size.

So, you can  alternatively download particular adb driver for your android device  from the following website :

If you cant find proper driver for your vendor on this website the you can download a universal adb driver from the following website which works on most of the android devices:

for Samsung Android devices you can download :

The above download links are only for USB Tethering.

Alternatively, if you dont want to download any driver and want to do USB/Bluetooth/WiFi tethering then you can download and install PDANET on your PC/Laptop and on your phone from the following website:

But Pdanet is a trial software and it has some limitations.

You can even go to Google Play market and search for the keyword "tether" on the search bar for other  similar apps.

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